Open Studio

Last weekend, the art collective that I’m a member of had open studios.  There were five locations in total.  My studio wasn’t used because I live up a long, steep driveway that is shared with the neighbour.  The neighbour lives further up the hill than me.  If cars were coming in both directions, it would be awkward as there is nowhere to pull over to let the other car through.

Instead, I went to another studio and demonstrated lampworking.  There was also a woodworker, a basket weaver and a knitter present.  It took me a while to clean up my lampworking table before I could pack it in the car. Lots of little shards of glass needed to be swept up and thrown out.

I took along a small selection of glass rods.  The only time I have previously demonstrated was at last year’s open studios.  I pulled a few twisties, made some stringer and then made a few beads.  The people that came through were quite fascinated with the flame, asking lots of questions.  A few were amazed at how long a bead took to make.  I did try to explain what I was doing as I went along but after you’ve repeated the same thing to several groups of people, you get a little tired of the sound of your voice.

On the second day, I decided to make hearts.  The last time I made hearts was in a beginner workshop, so it’s been a while.  I think they turned out alright.  These beads just need cleaning now and then they’ll either be made into something or sold individually.  I’m glad the open studios is over but it was quite good fun. When no people were there, the other artists and I just chatted.  We were also in a beautiful setting with lots of kookaburras and rosellas.

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