Dichroic stud earrings

I use dichroic glass a lot in my fusing work.  I have quite a stash of it.  Sometimes I buy scrap bags which contains a mixture of dichroic pieces.  Predominately I use patterned dichroic glass for my pendants and earrings.  Looking through my stash, I noticed several pieces of single coloured dichroic glass that was just sitting there.  What to do with it all?

I thought I might just make up some simple, dichroic earrings with sterling silver stud backs.  This was my first time making studs.  I cut small squares of the dichroic glass which was all backed with black glass.  Then I cut squares of clear glass.  The glass was then cleaned and I stacked a clear piece on top of a dichroic piece.  As the squares were quite small, when the pieces came out of the kiln, they were nicely rounded as you can see in the pictures.

The hardest part in making these earrings was gluing the studs onto the back.  It was quite fiddly getting the studs centred on the back of the glass.  I used sterling silver.  My philosophy is that if you go to the trouble and expense of making something, then you should use quality fittings to finish off the piece.




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