First Beaded Kumihimo Attempt

I was at a bead show a little while ago where someone was demonstrating beaded kumihimo.  It reminded me a lot of the knitting nancy which I used to love doing as a child.  So I bought a kit and some seed beads.

The stall-holder asked me if I knew how to use a bead needle.  Of course I did, what a strange question.  I’ve been sewing for years and know how to use a needle.  I cut my 8 threads into the appropriate length and then went to thread the seed beads on.  After picking up the needle and examining it for a while, I couldn’t find the eye.  My eyesight isn’t as good as it used to be so I put on my glasses but still couldn’t find the eye.  Maybe I’d been sold a dodgy needle.  After much frustration, I finally discovered that the centre of the needle separates and that is the eye.

I tied all my threads together and then proceeded to load the seed beads onto the threads.  I ended up with a tangled mess that took ages to unravel.  On my second attempt at kumihimo, I loaded all the beads onto the threads and bobbins before I tied them all into a knot.

I did watch a few You Tube tutorials after I prepared all the bobbins.  My main concern was how to finish the ends and attach a toggle.  One tutorial suggested sticky taping up the ends and then gluing them into a cone before threading wire through to make a loop.  I didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of sticky tape.  I don’t think it’s very durable.

I can see myself doing more kumihimo in the coming months.  I just need more seed beads.  Must remember to take my lampwork beads along when shopping so that I get a good colour match.

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