Reorganising glass rods

I’ve just spent the morning rearranging my lampwork glass rods and trying to colour co-ordinate them.  This is my old storage system – PVC pipes.  When I first started lampworking and didn’t have many rods, they were simply stored upright in glass jars.  As the stash grew, it became difficult to find the right rods and I often caught my clothes on them as the rods were sticking up.


Open Studio

Last weekend, the art collective that I’m a member of had open studios.  There were five locations in total.  My studio wasn’t used because I live up a long, steep driveway that is shared with the neighbour.  The neighbour lives further up the hill than me.  If cars were coming in both directions, it would be awkward as there is nowhere to pull over to let the other car through.


Orphan beads

 I often create sets of lampwork beads with the same design. After pairing up similar sized beads to make into jewellery, I’m left with a few beads of differing sizes.  Most lampworkers experience the problem.  What to do with these orphan beads?

I always have a container on my stall with orphan beads in it that customers like to riffle through for their own projects. I also use my orphan beads to make bookmarks.  People love them.  They make the perfect gift for a book lover.  My daughter uses her strawberry bookmark all the time.  She also has a few others that she sticks in cookbooks marking pages of favourite recipes.