Bead Expo 2014

BeadLast Friday, Saturday and Sunday I attended the annual Melbourne Bead Expo, which is run by The Bead Society of Victoria.  I have been an exhibitor for quite a few years now.  It’s an enjoyable event full of beads and findings.

Several past customers came and bought more beads and some even showed me the beautiful jewellery they had made with my beads.  I met several new people and had some interesting discussions.  I also caught up with some of my fellow lampworking buddies.


Floral Beads

A little while ago I started making bigger beads and here’s one of my recent efforts.  They do take quite a while to make and you have to make the twisties for petals and stems first, before starting your base bead.  Luckily, I like making twisties and coming up with different colour combinations for the petals.

Open Studio

Last weekend, the art collective that I’m a member of had open studios.  There were five locations in total.  My studio wasn’t used because I live up a long, steep driveway that is shared with the neighbour.  The neighbour lives further up the hill than me.  If cars were coming in both directions, it would be awkward as there is nowhere to pull over to let the other car through.